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About us.

Our journey as a photographers began with my grandfather, an army photographer. He loved to captured the images of the officers who came through his base on Okinawa and the people that lived in the area. His love of photography put a camera in my dad's hands. My grandfather taught him every aspect of photography from the camera to the darkroom. I have continued in this journey and passion for photography. A few years ago my dad and I started M and L Photography. We love sharing our passion for photography with couples as they begin their journey together. We love to capture their love for each other via engagement pictures and wedding photography. We also love to photograph a mother cuddling with her newborn baby and to continue photographing their family as they continue to grow along their journey.


We hope that you will allow us to photograph your journey and help you create lasting memories.

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What we do.

My daughter and I have decided to put our passion to work for you.  For most events we will provide two photographers at no additional cost to you.  We will provide lasting quality at a reasonable price.  We will guarantee quality pictures and will not limit the number of pictures we take or edit.  Our service area includes Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Fort Wanye.

If you are looking for a wedding or family portrait photographer, we hope you come to us to capture memories that will last forever.

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